Q1) What is the “Mumbai Games”?
A) In a nutshell, Mumbai Games is the Olympics of Mumbai! Mumbai Games is a multi-sport, multi-age group sports extravaganza for the Boys & Girls, Men & Women of Mumbai. A variety of sports competitions will be held at different locations across Mumbai.

Q2) Where did the inspiration come from to conduct such an event?
A) Mumbai Games is modeled after the Olympic Games. The philosophy of the Mumbai Games is that everyone participates regardless of age or ability. The Mumbai Games embodies the values of participation, sportsmanship and promotes active lifestyle among residents of Mumbai.

Q3) What is the motive behind this event?
A) There are three reasons:

  1. Provide a platform for every Mumbaikar to display their talent.
  2. Develop and create awareness about healthy lifestyle.
  3. Make Sports a part of daily life of a common man.

Q4) Who is the organizer of the Mumbai Games?

A) Mumbai Games is the brain child of SportzConsult, one of India’s premier sport management firms. SportzConsult was founded in 2008 and has been helping brands invest in sports.
Visit www.sportzconsult.in to know more about SportzConsult.

Q5) When will Mumbai Games be held?

A) Mumbai Games will be held over 5 days - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th and 12th of January, 2014.
The event will be conducted during weekends for the convenience of participants.

Q6) Who can participate?

A) Anyone residing in Mumbai and its suburbs can register in one of the 12 sports in his or her age group by paying a nominal fee. There are no restrictions at all!

Q7) What are the contingents? Is there a selection process at contingent level?

A) Keeping with the spirit of Olympics Games we have divided into 8 contingents ( 8 zones). However there are no restrictions on the number of entries per contingent and no selection process at contingent level. Anybody can register for Mumbai Games and he will be automatically assigned a contingent based on his address.
For more details please visit: http://www.mumbaigames.in/contingents.html

Q8) What are the different sports?

A) There are a mix of Indoor and Outdoor Event. For the list of events, please visit the page http://www.mumbaigames.in/sports.html. Participants can participate in any of the mentioned events. However, participants can participate only in one sport & in one age category.

Q9) What am I going to get by participating?

A) The will to win is important but the will to participate is more important. Glory, fame, recognition would be there but along with this satisfaction, happiness to participate would be more.
Winning or losing is up to you. What we guarantee is one hell of a time!

Q10) Can I participate in multiple events?

A) A participant can register only for one sport and one age category. However in the case of Athletics a participant can register any number of different categories in one age group eg. 100m,200m etc.

Q11) Is there going to be any registration fee?

A) Yes, the registration fee is as follows:

Football (5-a-side): Rs 1000
Table Tennis Doubles, Badminton Doubles and Tennis Doubles: Rs 750
Chess, Roller Skating, Table Tennis Singles, Badminton Singles, Tennis Singles, Basketball, Squash and Rhythmic Gymnastics: Rs 500
Carrom and Gymnastics: Rs 250
Athletics: Rs 100

12) Where will the events be held?

A) The events will be held at different locations.
You may visit the page http://www.mumbaigames.in/vs.html for information on the different venues.
Any changes in venues ( in case of any unforeseen circumstances)will be communicated to participants by email or SMS.

Q13) How can I register?

A) There are three options. You can register online, by sending a DD or at physical registration counters. Please visit the http://www.mumbaigames.in/register.html page for more details.

Q14) How will I come to know if my registration done is successful or not?

A) You will be sent a confirmation SMS or E-mail on your registered mobile number or e-mail id. This is an indication that your registration has been confirmed. In case you fail to receive our SMS/ E-mail, you can always call our helpline number.

Q15) What are school, college and corporate championships? Are there separate tournaments for schools and corporates?

A) Mumbai Games is an Open event and anybody can participate as per his or her age category. However to make it more interesting, any points ( medals) that a person wins are added to his respective school, college or company. In the end, the school, college and company with maximum points are declared winners.

Q16) Who do I contact if I have any queries?

A) The help-line number is 7498142923. Any queries regarding the event will be clarified on that number from 9 AM to 7 PM. You can also email on info@mumabigames.in

Q17) Can I bring my family to watch the match?

A) Yes, you can bring your family to watch the match but they won’t be allowed to enter the playing arena.

Q18) Will I get a certificate for participation?

A) Yes, an e-certificate will be given to every participant.

Q19) What will the winners get?

A) Winners of individual events will receive medals. Winners of team events will receive medals and trophies. There will also be special trophies to winning contingent, school, college and company.