Mumbai Games is a unique community event which will be held in January 2014 across various venues in Mumbai. The philosophy of the Mumbai Games is that everyone participates regardless of age or ability. It is a sporting extravaganza like never before.

With 12 sports –indoor/outdoor, individual/team – Football, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Roller Skating, Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Squash, Chess & Carrom and multiple age categories in every sport there is something for everyone. More than anything, Mumbai Games is about having fun. It will be an amazing, unforgettable experience for anyone who participates.

Moreover, keeping with the spirit of Olympics, Mumbai Games will have 8 contingents (zones) from Mumbai competing against each other. From Downtown Daredevils of South Mumbai to Navi Mumbai 21sters these contingents will cover the whole of Mumbai. Since there is no restriction on the number of entries per contingent, anyone in Mumbai can register from a contingent (zone) where he lives, studies or works! Other than the individual honors each participant will be playing to get glory to his or her contingent also. There will be prizes for the school & the company with maximum points as well.

Reason to participate could be any-it could be re-living your sporty days or shedding few calories or judging how well you actually play or simply doing something different on a weekend than a routine movie-mall outing . So come out and play. Winning or losing is up to you, what we guarantee is one heck of a time!