Mumbai Games Ryhthmic Gymnastics Event


  1. Technical Rules for Rhythmic gymnastics (Girls only)
    • Each gymnast has to perform any 5 elements of any difficulty value from the FIG Code of points.
    • For each missing element 1 point will be deducted from difficulty value.
    • No extra element will be counted.
    • Difficulty elements & Executional Deductions will be evaluated as per GFI/FIG Code of points.
    • Difficulty value will be 5 points.
    • The Execution value of Girls' gymnast is 10 points.
    • The points for music will be 5.
    • Total evaluation of Rhythmic gymnastics will be Difficulty 5 points + Execution 10 points + Music 5 points, with a total of 20 points.
    • The duration of one performance will be 75 to 90 secs.
  2. Other Rules:
      • Players will NOT be allowed to enter the hall without an ID proof.
      • Players should always wear their Mumbai Games BIB.
      • Players found without the BIBs will be disqualified.
      • Players have to report at least 60 minutes before the scheduled time.
      • Players have to register at the registration desk at least 30 min prior to the start of their round.
      • Practice or warm up will NOT be available.
      • Only those players who is scheduled to start immediately should be in the event arena.
      • Players have to be in the player’s arena at all point of time.
      • Audience and supporters are not allowed on the playing area.
      • Players have to clarify the rules with the referee before the start of the match.
      • No abusive language, violence or arguments will be allowed. If found so the player will be disqualified.
      • In case of dispute, players have to submit a formal written complaint within 15 minutes from the occurrence of the dispute. Referee Decision will be final and binding.
      • The Referees decision will be final and binding for all matters pertaining to the event/tournament.